17 February 2014

Praises to Allah. I scored a placement in Banking & Finance (Double Major) in Kaplan under Murdoch University. To study in a university was the first goal on my list and when I received the Letter of Admission today, it definitely made me real happy and elated. Although, I must say that this new learning journey scares me a lot but hey, nothing comes easy right? I promise to work hard for this degree because I wanted it so badly in the first place. 

01 February 2014

In times of darkness, you show me the light. When I ran out of answers, you filled in the blanks. And when I'm feeling blue, you make sure that I see how green the grasses are on the other side. I kept falling back but you always made the effort to help me get back on my feet and made sure I took a step forward. You keep telling me stories of what's to come and those are the only ones that I hold on to dearly. Thank you for always having my back Love. 

06 January 2014

This year will be a year of change. With every step I take, I will soon be a better 'me'. I have to let go of every fear and actually do something about all the things I could have done right a long time ago. 

This year will be a year of progression. I need to make sure that when I do something, it has to be beneficial in a way or two in slowly achieving my goals. Determination is the key and I need to learn how to push myself further than before. I shouldn't get to comfortable with where I stand.

This year will be a year of responsibilities. Instead of whining about petty things, I should uphold my girl power and deal with the real life. I need to know that it is inevitable and that sticking to it will only make me more independent than I already am.

This year will be a year of focus. No time should be wasted on the small matters and people who don't mean a thing in my life, are the ones that I shall not get too carried away with. I will be extra selective and will only embrace the people I still keep in the circle.

This year will be a year of pure bliss. I need to know if it's more worthy to get angry or sad than to be happy at any moment. I shall cherish every wonderful events and just focus on making more memories. A memorable moment should be snapped and not ignored. I have to choose my emotions wisely and surround myself with nothing but good vibes.

This year will be a year of love. I will be more appreciative of the good and embrace the joy as much as I can. I will keep arguments minimal and stay away from unnecessary matters. I want to enjoy the company I have and know that nothing else should matter anymore. I'll be a more forgiving person and understand that little mistakes do not define the current situation we might come across. More hugs and kisses for obvious reasons. 

21 November 2013

4 consecutive off days including my Sunday off from work is definitely what I needed most right now. A huge break before I head to work again and start serving the Premier customers. They gotta suck balls man.

- Send postcards
- Cut hair
- Develop films
- Buy Moleskine Squared notebook
- Survey lens prices
- Run other errands
- Have a good cup of coffee and pretend that I'm not in Singapore


10 November 2013

It was our first time kite-flying and it was a wonderful experience! We had to tag along with the kite-flying experts, lol. These three kiddos bring joy to our life as a couple and I'd definitely love to watch them grow. Oh did I mention, it was our first time at the Marina Barrage too. Sitting on a plain field right under the sun with hardly no shelter is not my kind of picnic but kite-flying was different I guess.