20 May 2014


Tutorial Assignments
Bridging Modules
Online Tests
And more datelines!


Oh what have I gotten myself into? 

13 May 2014

Wow, being a young adult, really suck the life out of me. Ever since I started working full time, I haven't got much time on my hands. Other than going out with Love on Saturdays and family time on Sundays, I spend my free time trying to get some rest. But it's not even enough to watch a movie. And now that I just got into Kaplan, God knows where on earth am I going to dig the extra time to study and to complete my assignments. I used to have time for DVDs, painting, outdoor photography and so on and so forth. Now, I hardly have time to write a post in this blog. But it's okay, I will set my focus to studies now. With God's will, once I'm done with studies, I'll be a hobbyist again and do all the things that makes a girl happy. 

Till then..

11 May 2014

All I ever need is you. I don't mean to be difficult. 

17 February 2014

Praises to Allah. I scored a placement in Banking & Finance (Double Major) in Kaplan under Murdoch University. To study in a university was the first goal on my list and when I received the Letter of Admission today, it definitely made me real happy and elated. Although, I must say that this new learning journey scares me a lot but hey, nothing comes easy right? I promise to work hard for this degree because I wanted it so badly in the first place. 

01 February 2014

In times of darkness, you show me the light. When I ran out of answers, you filled in the blanks. And when I'm feeling blue, you make sure that I see how green the grasses are on the other side. I kept falling back but you always made the effort to help me get back on my feet and made sure I took a step forward. You keep telling me stories of what's to come and those are the only ones that I hold on to dearly. Thank you for always having my back Love.